Meditations on the Song of Songs

Meditations on the Song of Songs

Saint Teresa of Jesus (Saint Teresa of Avila)

  • ISBN: 978-1-961368-04-0
  • First published: June 1567
  • Publication date: 2021

"Santa Teresa’s trajectory of personal survival is as miraculous as the survival of her Meditations. Despite almost disappearing into flames ignited by the zealous orthodoxy of some confessor, this text reaches us today, after four and a half centuries of vicissitudes. And what better way to celebrate its continued existence than through this digital edition, available from anywhere in the world to any reader with access to a device with the internet?" - Ana María Carvajal

Watch our behind-the-scenes exploration with Ana María Carvajal and Catalina Vásquez!

Foreword: Ana María Carvajal, PhD. studies the works of Early Modern mystic women, particularly those of Teresa of Ávila.

Cover: Catalia Vásquez is an artist, illustrator, filmmaker, and designer from the mountains of Medellín, Colombia.