People:Cita is a collaborative effort of love made possible by the generosity of many direct and indirect contributors. Cita is fiscally sponsored by Educopia Institute and funded through the generous support of the Mellon Foundation.


Illustration of Juliana Castro

Juliana Castro Varón is Cita’s Founder and Design Director. She is a designer, and the author of Papel sensible. Juliana is an affiliate at Harvard University's Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society.

Illustration of Jessi Haley

Jessi Haley is Cita’s Editorial Director. Jessi previously managed the creative writing program at the University of Chicago and has served on the editorial staff of Chicago Review and Colloquium Magazine.

Illustration of Fabián Ríos

Fabián Ríos is Cita’s Web Developer. Fabián brings about 11 years of experience as a developer and media artist. He lives with his wife, children, and dog in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Illustration of bex ya yolk

bex ya yolk is a graphic designer, book artist, and arts professor based in Chicago, IL. They have a BFA from VCUarts and an MFA from SAIC. bex is the founder of an independent artists' book publisher THUNGRY.

Illustration of Daniel Saldana Paris

Daniel Saldaña París is Cita's Literary Translation & Technology Fellow. A writer and translator born in Mexico City, author of three novels and a collection of personal essays. He was a 2022-2023 Cullman Center Fellow at the New York Public Library.

Getting Fit consulting team: Lauren Dapena Fraiz, Katherine Kim, Brandon Locke, Jessica Meyerson

Advisory Board:

Illustration of Janneke Adema

Dr. Janneke Adema is a cultural and media theorist working in the fields of (book) publishing and digital culture. In her research she explores the future of scholarly communications and experimental forms of knowledge production. She also supports a variety of scholar-led, not-for-profit publishing projects, including the Radical Open Access Collective, Open Humanities Press, ScholarLed, Post Office Press (POP), and COPIM.

Illustration of Gita Manaktala

Gita Manaktala is the Executive Editor at Large for the MIT Press, a publisher of scholarship at the intersection of the arts, sciences, and technology. She works closely with the press’s team of acquiring editors and acquires her own list in the areas of information science and communication.

Illustration of Jessica Meyerson

Jessica Meyerson is Co-Director of Educopia Institute, where she is chiefly responsible for ensuring smooth implementation of the organization’s strategic direction. She’s also Co-Director of The Maintainers, a global research network interested in the concepts of maintenance infrastructure, repair and the myriad forms of labor and expertise that sustain our human-built world.

General Contributors:

Volunteer Web Development Lead: Juan José Castro Varón.

Designers: Josie Bellini, Antonela Debiasi, Fiorella Ferroni, Thaïs Jacoponi, Irina Koryagina, Annika Leppäaho, Kathy Mueller, Jiwon Park, Laura Ramírez, Natalia Rojas, Laura Savina, Lauren Smedley, Luce Terrasson, Catalina Vásquez, Shuhua Xiong, Jean Yang, Petra Zehner, Dajia Zhou

Writers: Mikita Brottman, Ana María Carvajal, Francesca Gargallo, Catherine J. Golden, Bonnie Hurd Smith, Christy Hyman, Carol MacKay, Victoria Namkung, Heather Ostman, Krithika Varagur, Gabrielle Welsh

Cypherpunk Women writers & editors: Leigh Cuen, Michael McSweeney, Marisol Bayona Román, Soona Amhaz, Saga Arvidsdotter, Josie Bellini, Kiara Bickers, Audrey Chaing, Emily Faria, Janey Gak, Allie Eve Knox, Jordan Kong, Sarah Jamie Lewis, Mir Liponi, Beth McCarthy, Chrissa McFarlane, Lisa Neigut, Norika Kizawa, Chelsea Palmer, Anita Posch, Samantha Radocchia, Hannah Rosenberg, Kokab “Setareh” Shabanipour, Amber Scott, Alena Vranova, Leah Wald, Karima Williams, Joyce Yang, Linda Xie, @Bitcoinstripper, @GlitchesBrew, @Tina_in_Tech, and many more.

Other contributors and supporters: Nate Angell (Mozilla Open Leaders mentor and friend), Tien Mimi Nguyen (Write Speak Code SF advocate), Camilo Villegas (Web Dev support), Mindy Seu, Katherine Maher, and Vicky Checo (Former Board Members)

Video credits: Fantasy by Podington Bear, Icons by Creative Mania, Llisole, Mungang Kim, Becris and corpus delicti and Luisa Iborra. Powered by The Noun Project, and licensed under CC.Video voice - Kira Street.

Preformatted text - Project Gutenberg.

Interior illustrations for The Yellow Wall-Paper - Jo. H. Hatfield, currently under public domain.

Spanish translation for The Old Maid - Freeditorial.

Bindery by Evan Brooks. Licensed under MIT License.

Short video / gifs - From Giphy!

Roboto and Bitter, distributed by Google Fonts. Licensed under OFL, Bluu, distributed by Open Foundry. Licensed under OFL.

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