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  • November 2021 (Announcement) We are thrilled to introduce Cita's inaugural Advisory Board: Janneke Adema, Vicky Checo, Katherine Maher, Jessica Meyerson, & Mindy Seu! We are grateful to the board for their guidance as we shape the future of Cita.
  • November 2021 (Event) Cita will be participating in the discussion "Opening Old Books" at Open Publishing Fest on 11/12 at 1 pm ET.
  • October 2021 (Announcement) Cita publishes a bilingual edition of Saint Teresa of Avila's Meditations on the Songs of Songs,. Watch the video launch featuring Juliana Castro, scholar Ana María Carvajal, and illustrator Catalina Vásquez here!
  • July 2021 (Announcement) Cita Press would love to hear from you! If you are a Cita reader (or prospective reader) who would like to give us feedback and advice on how we can best advance our work, please fill out our very brief reader survey. Thank you, and take care!
  • July 2021 (Announcement) We are excited to announce Jessi Haley as Cita Press's new Project & Editorial Coordinator. This position is facilitated by Educopia Institute, as part of the Mellon-sponsored Cita Press: Getting Fit Project. You can reach Jessi via
  • April 2021 - 2023 (Announcement) The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awards Educopia $245,000 USD to support Cita Press' capacity and business planning.
  • April 23 2021 (Event) Juliana Castro to speak about Cita as part of the Digital Salon
  • February 2021 (Announcement) Cita's Cypherpunk Women Anthology is now available for purchase in print
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