Collaborate: Do you have suggestions for public-domain or Creative Commons texts of 100 pages or less that you’d like to see reprinted in a free edition? Would you be willing to write an introduction? Design a cover? Edit a collection? Sponsor a book of a particular author? We are particularly interested in publishing books by women of color, queer and non-binary folks, and explore contemporary writing! For the time being, Cita is not looking for new volunteer collaborators for upcoming book projects. Please keep an eye out for future announcements.

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Credits:This project is a collaborative effort of love made possible by the generosity of many direct and indirect contributors. Currently, Cita is fiscally sponsored by the Educopia Institute and the generous support of the Mellon Foundation.

General Contributors: Juan José Castro (Web Development Lead), Nate Angell (Mozilla Open Leaders mentor and friend), Tien Mimi Nguyen (Write Speak Code SF advocate), Camilo Villegas (Web Dev support), Jessica Meyerson (Lead Advisor and friend, Co-PI for Getting Fit)

Designers: Laura Savina, Jiwon Park, Lauren Smedley, Natalia Rojas, Jean Yang, Juliana Castro, Thais Jacoponi, Luce Terrason, Annika Leppaaho, Irina Koryagina, Kathy Mueller, Catalina Vázquez, Antonela Debiasi

Writers: Catherine J. Golden, PhD, Heather Ostman, PhD, Bonnie Hurd Smith, Carol MacKay, PhD, Gabrielle Welsh

Other credits: Video Music: Fantasy by Podington Bear, Icons by Creative Mania, Llisole, Mungang Kim, Becris and corpus delicti and Luisa Iborra. Powered by The Noun Project, and licensed under CC, Pre-formated text: Project Gutemberg Interior illustrations for The Yellow Wall-Paper: Jo. H. Hatfield, currently under public domain, Video voice: Kira Street, Bindery by Evan Brooks. Licensed under MIT License, Short video / gifs: From Giphy! If you consider this could be a more concrete credit, hit ups up! Roboto and Bitter, distributed by Google Fonts. Licensed under OFL, Bluu, distributed by Open Foundry. Licensed under OFL